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1 Occult 100

Everything Hidden. Everything Occult.
2 Death By Lollipops

home of the Domus Kaotica / marauder underground.
3 KitschChaos

Chaos magic for online marketing
4 Theistic Satanism and Magick

Satanic Essays, Ritual magick, Summoning, Occult Study. Created by Venus Satanas

occult puzzle site and forums - 3D astral realms
6 Enchanted Oak

Spells, Rituals, Recipes, Witchcraft, Magick, Ritual Tools, Divination Tools and Topsites.
7 Khakani's Magic Spells And Talismans

Explore talismans, magic spells, the magical powers of love magic talismans, money magic talismans l
8 Il Reame d'Inverno

Testi rari di Magia ed oggettistica occulta
9 Walking the Witch`s Path

Magick,Myth,Astrology,Esoteric and Cosmic Spirituality
10 Alchymia

Un luogo dove compiere la Grande Opera
11 Paranormal Mind

A Site With A Brilliant Width and Depth Covering Everything Paranormal PLUS LINKS
12 Temple X'Fod Online

The official website of IOT Temple X'Fod in Phoenix, AZ
13 Faerie Dreams

Reiki Attunements, Handmade Herbal Products: Blessed Herbal Candles, Witches Brew Candles, World Magic Candles, Purity Soap, Award Winning HotSlings, Gemstone Prayer Beads, Goddess Statues, Magickal T-Shirts & more....
14 Dark Mage

Occult community. Witchcraft, Magick, Vampires, Otherkin, etc.
15 Blessed-Be-UK-Network

wicca, pagan, spells, magic, rituals, graphics, book of shadows, astral projection and more
16 Realms of Magick

Where Magick and the Occult become reality. Hugh Forum, online School and store
17 Moonlight Spells

Magic spells cast by a real witch coven: love spells, money spells, witchcraft spells.
18 Esotericamente

Negozio specializzato nella vendita di articoli per magia e testi esoterici

GENIE INVOCATION FORMULA, GENIE CALLING SPELL, SPIRIT CALLING,JINN,DJINN,MAGIC MAN,GENTLE GIANT,Love charms, money charms, love talismans, money talismans, love charms, money charms,Amulets and talismans -fortune charms, star charms, key of solomon,Astrology, Magical Talismans,Amulets, Talismans, & Charms and Talismans,
20 Pagan Art By Cerridwyn

Original statuary, prints, handcrafted altar tools, ritual capes, robes, handfasting gowns.
21 Magickal Graphics

Graphic resource page for pagans & Occultists for social networking sites or websites
22 Occult& Paranormaal top100

The top100 list for magical sites
23 Celtic Shamanism

Information, classes, ministry, handcrafted tools, books, tapes.
24 The Magickal Matrix

Discussion forum including the occult, witchcraft Chaos Ceremonial Magic and prophecy and predictions
25 Heksenkring Lorena

Dutch wiccan site
26 Karma Alliance Light Institute

The Karma Alliance Light Institute offers a wide variety of new age and metaphysical resources. Join
27 The Arcane Temple

Pagan Bookstore specializing in rare and out of print texts: Alchemy, Freemasonry, Occult, Witchcraft
28 Dread To Dead

The Ultimate In Hexology
29 Lux Lucis Ex Atrum

a place where darksiders can unite and speak freely
30 contains hundred of articles, rituals, pictures, videos and music posted by our members

Goats Head UK are suppliers of quality ritual magick and occult items, UK Mail order
32 Merry Moot

Merry Moot is an online Pagan community, with forums and a chat room.

... verlost 666 Frei - Flüge zum SPHINX GOLD
34 The Witching Hour

A Forum for the occult.
35 Spell Cabinet

A site jam packed with free Spells, Rituals and Grimoires!
36 Love Spells Love Potions Money Spells Magic Talism

Love Spells, love potions, money spells, magic spells, talismans, charms, black magic spells, white
37 When Pagans United
38 Gay Kaos
Chaos Magick from a Homosexual's life.
39 The Order Of Thirteen Angels
Magickal science-fic site operating strange experiements.Join us! :D

TOKEN OF FORTUNE ( Amulets, talismans )
41 Chaos Magick Australia

Fourm and Downloads.
42 Wiccan & Pagan

43 Universal Deva

Universal Deva a forum covering energy work and holistic work and all things Metaphysical & Magical
44 Valley of Evil Thoughts

A place to learn and talk about your choosen path as a witch
45 Valley of Evil Thoughts

Like MySpace, but for Pagans! Create your own profile and browse around meeting new pagans.
46 .:.MagicK.:.Pyramid.:.

MagicK Pyramid(s) are devices similiar to ouija boards shaped like pyramids
47 Unique Occult Art and Artifacts

Occult Art, Thelemic Tarot, Tarot Forum, Occult Literature, Occult Forums
48 Four Corners Website

A website dedicated to the Pagan community which includes,BoS,Correspondences,Forums,Chat,etc.
49 Four Corners Forum

A forum dedicated to the wiccan and pagan community to meet,learn and discuss.Forum offers chatroom,Link to main Site,Freebies/Contests Forum,BOS,Cookbook and Recipes,etc.
50 Temple of the Dark Sun
The TDS is a Spiritualist group that teaches you to balance Light and Dark within, awakening a balan
51 OrdoDrasikianTempli
We are an Order of Vampyre,Therian,Occultist,Otherkin,Metaphysician,Indigo's etc. welcomeing all!!!
52 Cryptic Creations

Occult supplies specializing in handmade leatherbound tomes, potions, spell candles and other items
53 NettleRose

A Web Blog dedicated the darker side of Vampires, Poetry, Dreams, Magick, Divination, Rituals, Psych
54 Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth

The official website of T.O.P.Y. Sigil magick, chaos and more...
Chaos: The Fractal Boundary Between Science and Magick

Zohani's Powerful Love spells, Magic Spells, Money Spells, Black Magic, Talismans, Sex Spells, Charm
57 Valley Network

Valley Network is a free, approved membership site with MANY features. Open to all alternitive paths
58 All about Nemi Montoya

All comix about Nemi Montoya
59 Luna Solari Magical Supplies
We are a family based business that strives to supply all of the magic community with what they desi
60 Magickal Matrix Top 100

Magick Top 100
61 Abundant Things Occult Antiques
Occult Antiques, Spells, Jewelry, Haunted Artifacts, Wiccan Antiqies, Pagan, Black, Noetic, AND MORE
62 White Magick Auctions
Magick-Amulets, Talismans, Psychic Enhancement, Fairies, and more!
63 the raven wand
Wicca Chat forum
64 Another View To Hell
This is the realm of The Soul That Never Dies. Here presents unusual artworks.
65 Witchy Art

The artwork of your most skilled pagan brothers and sisters. Join today and add your works to the ar
66 witchraven
witchcraft site of a solitaire witch
67 Witchcraft 100

Witchcraft Search Engine and Topsite
68 Wise Wayz

Spirituality, Magick, Healing, Community, and More
69 Wicca 100

Wicca, Magick and Spellcraft. Come and add to our topsite!

Book of Shadows and Pagan Tee Shirts Extravaganza! We have more designs and ANYONE! Come visit us!
71 Vamparella's Domain

Once she smells you coming, you'll never escape.
72 Twilight Myst Miraculous Spells
Miraculously powerful spells & spell kits. Your last hope where all others have
73 Traditional Witchcraft

All traditions welcome. We're waiting to learn about yours.
74 Tantra Links: Erotic Spirituality

.::The body is sacred. Tantra is more than sex. It is the beginning of knowing the self::.
75 The Vampire Tales!
Where vampires, angels and demons are explored. Personal journey that is open to all!
76 Spells & Rituals

Just spells, ritual and recipes. Moderated listing of spells pages and witchcraft.
77 Spellbinder, World of Witchcraft
A World Of Witchcraft For Everyone To Visit. Beginners Guide Available, Spells And More!
78 The Den of Shadows
All about Wicca, information, and our Wiccan lives.
79 Satan's Den

When your own fear becomes fun.
80 Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth

The official website of T.O.P.Y. Sigil magick, chaos and more...
81 Psychic 100

Psychic information for everyone interested in improving their psychic abilities or simply learning
82 - Il portale sul Mistero e Paranormale

Ricco Portale italiano sul mistero e sul paranormale. UFO, segreti, poteri della mente, misteri, ecc
83 Pendragon

Home of the World's Smallest Coven. Information on the Goddess, the Tarot, Stonehenge, etc.
84 Pagan 100

Search for pagan culture, spells, rituals, witchcraft, magick, recipes and goddess mysteries.
85 Gateways: Spirit Boards and Ouija Links

...breach the gateway...step into the realm of the dead...and hear their words...
86 Magus Mysteria

Occult oriented meta-news site with forums and other features that focus on alternative topics
87 Magick Art
Occult,pagan,mystical,magical,metaphysical,new age galleries. Links and magick art.
88 Magda's Ouija

Drift into Magda's spiritual board archive. Handpainted boards, Stories and more!
89 Lilith's Realm

tread cautiously in Her domain...
90 Occult World Ledger

Reviews books on occult, pagan and paranormal topics. Occult search, links, shopping and resources.
91 Illuminationz Botanica
Pagan, occult shop selling magickal products from around the world. Psychic Readings offered.
92 Witchcraft's Hottest Sites

Name says it all. See what everyone's talking about.
93 Gwion's Pagan Pages
Paganism, Witchcraft, Rituals, etc.
94 Top 100 Grimoires

Just grimoires and books of shadows! Spells, rituals and records.
95 Gothic Links

Goth is a universe unto itself.
96 The Despairing Goddess

The sabbatical Goddess in the underworld yields a welth of information to the weary traveler.
97 Dark Goddess

Links and Invocation to the Dark Goddess. She waits for you in the shadows.
98 Deathomen
I have all types off magick and more
99 Crossroads

Timothy Joyce, transgression, the baaad witch of the south, radical witchcraft and environmentalism.
100 Dark Crone's Links

Read the Dark Crone's mysteries by the waning moonlight.

Occult 100 Top Sites