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1 Spirit Apothecary

Largest selection of herbs on net! Astrology Charts and More!
2 Proud to Be Pagan, LLC

A place to start your path. An educational site regarding Wicca, Witchcraft & Paganism
3 Occult 100

Everything Hidden. Everything Occult.
4 PathWalkers.Net
a site for those who are interested in wicca, paganism, and or shamanism, including info on Runes, Spells, Herbal, Astrology, Gods, Goddesses, and much more.
5 Psycho Bytch . Com

Over 70 pages of Occult info & Dark Treats: Occult basics and Philosophy WITHOUT religious content. Includes Candle Magick, Divination, Cleansing, Gems, Creative Visualization, Parapsychology, & Occult Tables. Also includes Dark Resources: FREE TAROT, Occult Symbol E- cards, BDSM Instruction Links, Poetry, Add a link, Dark Souls E-mail & MUCH MUCH MORE! PLUS: The *~+PSYCHO BYTCH CAM+~*
6 Paul Wade ~ Astrologer

Free horoscopes, astrology resources, interactive tutorials, sign analyses, cool games and links.
7 Free Online Tarot Readings

Free Online Tarot Readings, Love Tarot, Runes, Numerology, Astrology
8 Beyond The Grave at Ruby Red's
Learn everything you ever wanted to know and more about necromancy. There is also tea leaf reading (tasseography), runes, table of astrological correspondences, ancestor spirits, leys, stone magic, and colors and magic.
9 Unlife's Occult Worlds
Divination and Witchcraft. Online interactive divination tools which include; Tarot, I-Ching, Tibetan Mo, Elder Futhark Runes, Ogham, Numerology, Palmistry. Online forums; award giving site and more...
10 Pagan and new age books and supplies

Pagan,new age,metaphysical books,herbs and supplies
11 Visionary Clairsentience::The Evenenstar Occult Art Gallery
The occult artwork of Evenenstar, includes tarot art, dreams, and the artist's descent into madness and back. Ever evolving.
12 tarots with benedycta

tarots, astrology, candles, esoterism, chat and tarots on line
13 Eye of Horus, Esoteric Search

Eye of Horus, Esoteric Search
14 Tantalizing Tarot

Taught by an English Witch, allow me to offer you an unrivalled Tarot experience...
15 Starcana Insight

Astrology, tarot, zodiac personalities, phone and email readings, and understanding your personal power through fire, air, earth, and water.
16 Touch of Enchantment's Spirituality Superstore

Metaphysical Supplier providing you with everything you need to touch the magic within.
17 Mystic's Mountain
Tarot, Runes, or Indian Medicine Card readings. Custom oils, candles, spells & more!
18 Runeworld - Glyphs & Symbols

RuneWorld covers all aspects of runic lore - the futharks,encryption,divination and the oracle ...
19 Tarot 100

Gallery of Beautiful Handmade Tarot Cards and Divination Tools. Add your treasures to our gallery!
20 Ogam - ogham inscriptions, trees, plantlore, druid

Ogham, plantlore, trees, druids and stone inscriptions with more coming soon
21 Moonlight Spells

Magic spells cast by a real witch coven: love spells, money spells, witchcraft spells.

A resource center with information and links for many paranormal topics, such as aliens & UFOs, alt. science, cryptozoology, occult topics, psychic things, religious phenomena and others. There is also discussion on (psuedo)science & (psuedo)skepticism.
23 SG Divinatory Suite
Tarot, Astrology, Runes, I Ching, Palm Reading and Numerology all in one application! From SG Software. Visit his site now to download this ammazing suite of applications - o 0 o - SG Divinatory Suite. SG Software has had over five years experience in the creation of divinatory software. This is their latest product, and a landmark in Tarot software. SG Divine Tarot is the most advanced Tarot application available - with card position descriptions dependent on other cards in the reading being done, the spread being used and the question asked of the cards!!! Beautiful graphics and an intuative interface make this a quality product. SG Divine Astrology is another product included in the suite.
24 Psychic Medium Dirk Wallaert
Psychic Medium Dirk Wallaert provides personal answers to your mailbox to clear your doubts. Especially love matters. More than 15 years at your service in Europe and the USA.
25 RainbowDragon Arts

Original computer drawn art of Astrology Archetypes, Goddesses and Much More.
26 Enchanted Oak

Spells, Rituals, Recipes, Witchcraft, Magick, Ritual Tools, Divination Tools, Auction and Topsites.

Gateway to your Past Life experience. Uncover the reason why you are here with Past Life Now.
28 Astrological Happenings

Astrological Happenings Monthly Horoscope - Cosmic Visualizations from a Spiritual Perspective. Subscribe for free!
29 Grotto of the Swamp Witch

Witch, Witchcraft, Spells, Magick, Recipes, Auras, Chakras, Zodiac Sun Signs, Free Readings Wheel of
30 World of the Summoning Spirit

Pagan Resources Witchcraft Wicca study, Zodiac Astrology Tarot, I-Ching Runes, Auras, Chakras, Divining Witchcraft, spirits prophets, Lots FREE
31 Joseph's Psychic Realm
Free amazingly accurate psychic reading by renowed psychic reader. Paranormal chat & bulletin board
32 Psychic 100

Psychic information for everyone interested in improving their psychic abilities or simply learning
33 Divine Love Light

Professional spell-casting services, psychic readings, witchcraft supplies, magickal gifts & more!

COMPLEMENTARY Birth Chart Analysis or Tarot Card Readings. Zodiac, Herbs, Shoppe Moon Lore & MORE!!
35 Magic Moon-Your Own Witchcraft Site
Spells, Dreams, Divinations and more.
36 VoyanceOnLine
you need help about your future? consult me directly by internet ! on the special clairvoyance forum : YOUR FREE QUESTION !
37 ~Night Goddesses Magickal Collections~
online store featuring new age and occult supplies, tarot reading and reiki attunements, plus more
38 Cosmo Grams
Ancient Instructions for the New Millennium. Yantra's w/ Mantra's for: Love,Money,Good Luck,Health,Power,Career,Peace of Mind. Contact your Psychic Guardian & Guardian Angels.Free Daily Horoscope & Tarot Readings. Also Free Webmail Service & Live Chat Room.
39 Knowing Souls

Honesty and Accuracy get a free reading!* Wiccan Owned and operated.
40 Divine Love Light Psychic & Magick Sites

Psychics & Magick Sites Top 100. Join us today!
41 Illuminationz Botanica
Pagan, occult shop selling magickal products from around the world. Psychic Readings offered.
42 Goddess of Shadows
My name is Miss Sombre. I do insightful, accurate, & affordable readings with 9 years experience.
43 Spiritual Lady Moon

Spiritual/Angel/Tarot & Astrology Readings, Candles & Books etc.
44 Astrosibyl

45 Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings - Text a Psychic, Love Psychics, Psychic Chat Online, tarot, Mediums, live, phone t
46 Gipsy Fortune Teller

Please pick your personal cards here. About your love-life, relations, money. All based on the traditional Fortune Telling method with Playing cards, from the 12 th century!
47 Aloha Astro

Astrology with an Aloha Spirit
48 Moon-Lite Desine !Working In Darkness~

I design anything for any type of style and have no limits for free. I also advertise for 100% free.
49 the one that is not here
please get rid of me
50 Witchcraft - The magical art
A website full of information and spells dedicated to witchcraft FREE TAROT READINGS AND SPELLS
51 Tarocchi e streghe

Ti piace l'occulto e i diversi misteri che si celano attorno all'ignoto? tarocchi gratuiti
52 Crystal Silver~Wings

Products ... Supplies ... Aura Readings ... Energy Attunements ... Clergy Services ... Courses ... a
53 Psychics: JOHN RUSSELL, PSYCHIC Psychic, Tarot R

Psychics, psychic readings: JOHN RUSSELL, Psychic, Psychic Medium, Tarot Reader listed in Psychics &
54 5 Star Psychic Advice Chat Free Before You Buy

Psychic Medium Tarot Chat online psychic community for psychic chat. Paranormal divination and Psych
55 The Ritual Cottage

The Ritual Chest is an online Metaphysical Store.
56 Another Roadside Attraction

All Things Mystical and Screwy
57 Magi Tarot UK

Professional Tarot reader
58 Realms of Magick

Where Magick and the Occult become reality. Hugh Forum, online School and store
59 Enchanted Banner Exchange

3:1 ratio banner exchange to increase traffic for occult, pagan, wiccan, & other enchanted sites.
60 homemade astrological soap recipes
Soaps made from pure essentials oils and astrological house essenses, employ thse spitual soaps with
62 Neo Astrology

Evidence for and against astrology; neo-astrology (Gauquelin); charts
63 Maljonic's Dreams
Dream diary and dictionary, database dedicated to dream interpretation, research into the psychology
64 Samadhi - Reiki, Tarot, Life Counselling,

Want to improve the quality of your life? Use my distance services: Tarot and spiritual counselling
65 Spirit Line

Clairvoyancy, Astrology & Spells- Truth & Accuracy Assured
66 Oshuns Botanica

Oshun's Botanica is pleased to offer the finest in authentic occult items.
67 Valasearch Dreams
guide to learning about dreams and dream interpretation , includes a free dreams dictionary
68 EclecticTarot
Spells, Tarot, and Information
69 Zany Zodiacs Free Weekly Horoscopes

Zany Zodiacs, free horoscopes, mailing list, myspace graphics

TOKEN OF FORTUNE ( Amulets, talismans )

72 Raven Blackwood

Gothic, Medieval and Renaissance Shopping
73 Psychic Reading | Psychic Advice and Services at

Accurate Psychic Readings, Psychic Advice and Psychic Services by Sky! In depth information on Angels, Shamanic Wisdom, Psychic Ability (Clairvoyance), Mediumship, Jesus Christ as well as Spiritual Discussion Forums to exchange your thoughts on spiritual subjects. Three monthly contests to win free psychic readings!
74 Valley of Evil Thoughts

A place to learn and talk about your choosen path as a witch
75 Mystic Charms

The Alternative Work From Home Business
76 magikas

portal de mancias y terapias holisticas
77 Sword Play Plus

We are the Internet's 1st EXTREME Medieval; and Metaphysical (Occult) Gear Shop!!! On-Line Since 99.
78 Spiritual Astrology
Spiritual Astrology Blog - Top Online Astrologer - Personalized Birth Chart Analysis - Synastry Char
79 AstroCafe
Astrology Tutorial Video
80 Little Black Cauldron

A mystical New Age shop filled with lots of unique items
81 Valley of Evil Thoughts

Like MySpace, but for Pagans! Create your own profile and browse around meeting new pagans.
82 Kinsade's Grove

Where the winds whisper to the trees.
83 contains hundred of articles, rituals, pictures, videos and music posted by our members
84 Cosmic Matchmaking with July Evers
The most down-to-earth cosmic advice about love and relationships you'll ever receive!
85 The

The was founded in 2008 and is based in Milton Keynes, UK. We offer a free platfor
86 White Witch

The Craft
87 Divination Supplies

Your Doorway to the Wiccan World - Shop for Runes, Witch Balls, Cauldrons, and The Book of Shadows.
88 Parvati's Yoga Links

Learn the oldest and most powerful healing skill known to man and womankind.
89 Love Spells Love Potions Money Spells Magic Talism

Love Spells, love potions, money spells, magic spells, talismans, charms, black magic spells, white
90 GothWitch

All things Witchcraft, Magic, Dragons & Goth
91 pagan mists
pagan occult new age blog with shop
92 sirius star psychic store
Crystals, talismans, Astrology & Numerology, pendulums, live psychic readings & texts
93 Valley Network

Valley Network is a free, approved membership site with MANY features. Open to all alternitive paths
94 All about Nemi Montoya

All comix about Nemi Montoya
95 Astrology Magic
Learn the art of astrology and tarot
96 Luna Solari Magical Supplies
We are a family based business that strives to supply all of the magic community with what they desi
97 Wiccan Pride

The Largest Complete Collection of Wiccan information on the internet!
98 The Ritual Cottage

The Ritual Cottage is a New Age store with over 2000 products.
99 Astro-Visions

Caricatures and celebrity photos show the physical and personality traits of the Zodiac signs.
100 House Of Artemis

Tarot, Rune, and Tealeaf readings, plus Chakra Alignments, Grounding and Balancing and much more!