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1 IRI's Personal Satanic Website

Personal Satanic website with general info on Satanism, Satanic Symbols and Selling Your Soul!
2 The Inner Sanctum of Wicca and Witchcraft

Wicca and Witchcraft resources with pagan rituals, new age spells and more. Updated daily since 99.
3 United Satanist Front

Satanists United Against Xtian Oppression
4 House of Ottawa

You have to see it to believe it! We are working towards a Satanic Free State. How dedicated to Satanism are you?
5 The Temples of Satan Historical Satanism Meet-Up G
6 BaphometaS

Dark Community for the Darkminded, Downloads, Toplist, Banner exchange and MORE!
7 Blessed Black Wings Forum

Satanic Forum Sponsored By The ~Sect of Entrance~
8 Sect of Entrance

~Progressive Satanism~ General information and writings. Initiation
9 Theistic Satanism and Magick

Satanic Essays, Witchcraft, Ritual magick, Summoning, Occult Study..Created by Venus Satanas
10 House of Ottawa Satanic Toplist

Visit the House of Ottawa Satanic Toplist of Satanic websites.
11 The Satanic Chapel aka the East Los Angeles Chapel of Satan

True LaVeyan Satanism, We're Bringin' It Back!
12 For Vampires & Humans For Vampires & Humans
13 Satan's Hell
Satanic forum
14 gone

Gothic Satanism
15 Moonlight Spells

Magic spells cast by a real witch coven: love spells, money spells, witchcraft spells.
16 The Gates of Hell

A brief study of the nine gates of Hell and their affect on everyday life.
17 A Fun Dating and Social Networking Website for Goths Worldwide.

A Fun Dating and Social Networking Website for Goths Worldwide. Whether you are looking to date or
18 The Spellcaster

Learn to break curse, jinxes and spells the Left Hand Path way!
19 The Brocken

Hex Signs made to order. Hexcraft & American Folk Magic
20 Embassy of Lucifer

"Our ultimate goal is the evolution of man into a being equal to a god."
21 For Goths & Gothic Admirers For Goths & Gothic Admirers
22 Temple Of Witchdom

Black Witchcraft Store School Community
23 hugtfhgoogft76iyg
24 My Little Satanic Page
Page with satanic resources and non satanic interests
25 Embassy of Lucifer

Embassy of Lucifer
26 Virginia Beach Temple of Satan

Satanism, Sorcery, Witchcraft
27 Enki's Library
True History of Satan, Demons, Rituals, Flash Movies, Poems
28 Crescent Moon Witches

School of Witchcraft
29 Dread To Dead

The Ultimate In Hexology.
30 Church of Aradia

Old Age Witchcraft in the New Age - No Censorship - No Rules - Private Community