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When you order your audio production of CENTERING: GUIDED MEDITATIONS, you'll experience the power of scientifically researched rhythms called BINAURAL BEATS!

This audio program acts as a guide for serious practitioners through one of the most difficult and critical skills in a thinking person's life. CENTERING. This difficult and in some cases crucial exercise involves careful attention to drawing your focus inward to find your psychic center of gravity so to speak. This act represents true balance and bringing all parts of your auric energy into harmony or attunement. Only once you are at the center of your being can you truly contemplate all aspects of your Self and the events surrounding you. This is what makes this process so important in a witch's life.

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This audio production runs approximately 45 minutes and utilizes Binaural Technology to create in your mind the ideal brainwave activity for learning and change to occur. As you can see in the chart below, the energy of our brains functions in waves. The frequency of the waves determines what our state is and how conducive to change we are. HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHY SOME DAYS YOU JUST LEARN THINGS EASIER THAN OTHERS? There's a reason why! It's your brainwaves:

With the same principle as one tuning fork that is humming can change the rhythm of a still fork when the two are brought together, the sound of the binaural beats in your ears gently changes the rhythm of your brain waves and thus affects the rate at which you absorb suggestion.

Without getting too technical, consider this: The THETA state of your brain is the one that is most conducive to FAST and EASY learning. Children often spend far more time in this state than adults which may be why children tend to pick up new information and skills more easily than adults. It also may be part of the reason why children have a keener sense of subtle forces in nature than most adults. Used over time, this powerful program can help you to energize and re-train your brain to return to this highly sought after state of mind.

This program is geared at taking you from the Alpha or Beta states used for mundane everyday operations like going out to work and driving home to this useful inner "THETA" state before introducing a POWERFUL guided meditation of proper CENTERING techniques.

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ATTENTION: This audio production is available for IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD in Mp3 format so you don't have to wait days to receive it via postal mail. You will need to be sure that your audio CD player has Mp3 capabilities. You can also use this audio file with an Mp3 player. Each buyer is licensed to convert and record ONE copy of this file to a recordable CD for use in a standard CD player. All other reproduction is prohibited. To include a hard-copy CD of this audio production--playable in a standard CD player--by postal mail, select the radio button below to indicate your preference.

FDA Disclaimer: These statements and products have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. If you have a health concern or condition, consult a physician. Consult a physician before using self-hypnosis, hypnosis, or vibrational sounds. Do NOT use hypnosis or vibrational sounds recordings while DRIVING, or engaged in any activity that requires you to concentrate or be totally alert. If you have or suspect you have a health condition including but not limited to a heart condition, blood pressure condition, history of depression or other mental illness, do not use hypnosis or vibrational sound for relaxation or growth purposes as they may interfere with your condition.


Ideally you should use the amazing new program before bed with headphones to take full advantage of the hypnotic cues and binaural beats technology set to a trance-inducing music background. For the first time ever, you can use this amazing technology toward harnessing and focusing your ideal mental state for spell and ritual workings.

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