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How Can Runes Improve YOUR Ritual Work?

Discover the benefits of this ancient code...

And how you can learn it in no time! The following course will help you to fluently READ and WRITE the mysterious and magickal Elder Futhark runes like the witches of old...

Documented by historians to be at least 1800 years old and likely much older, Elder Futhark is widely believed to add significant potency to ritual workings of all kinds. Curiously, the ability to read and write in this script is one of the rarest skills in the pagan culture today. Be among the first of many to pioneer the rebirth of this profound magickal system that was once thought lost forever!

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As you may already know, runes are unique among systems of communication. You can use them for writing rituals and esoteric accounts, but you can also use them to divine elements of your future. At nearly 2000 years old, this system of runes has formed the basis for many other runic scripts throughout Europe and holds the title among many scholars as the "Father of all Runes".

When you order this information packed software, you will learn to write like the witches of old. You can even encode your own Book of Shadows in one of the oldest scripts known to man. Take advantage of this special offer and advance beyond the limits of the modern day witch.

This exclusive new software will enable you to pick up a pencil and write ANYTHING in the Elder Futhark as easily as you write in your native language.

Remarkably, this script is easy to master if you are dedicated and willing to commit to the necessary steps. If you do not have access to a competent teacher, or even if you already have a teacher but want to challenge yourself to advance as far as possible within the realm of the mystical arts, this illustrated, full-color course can help you to master the Elder Futhark at your own pace.

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You'll use this powerful course both in seminar and test formats entirely through your computer. Printable worksheets will help you learn to reproduce the characters for ritual applications and for communicating with other witches. There are sections with matching, mutiple choice and flash cards to challenge inquisitive students and improve memory recall. Sections build so that when you master this information in one lesson it will help you advance in another.

Only a select few advanced practitioners have undertaken the task of learning the Elder Futhark well enough to read, write and divine the future as the ancient people who developed this system once did. EVEN THOUGH LEARNING IT IS EASY! Much easier than learning a modern language!

You will find this program was written with the practical concerns of the everyday witch in mind. This reference makes it possible for anyone to learn to write spells and rituals in this magickal language with the same skill and confidence of standard handwriting. Learn to communicate with other advanced witches in Theban. You can even learn how to author your own Book of Shadows in one of the most mysterious scripts in history!

Write Your Spells & Rituals in the
Ancient Language of the Witches!

YOU are the boss of your own records when you order this new software! You can write to and understand other advanced witches like yourself in a short period of time. Don't delay! This limited time sale price ends soon. Order your copy, now!

This course contains sections to educate you on each of the following areas:

  • Basic History of the OLDEST of the Runic Language Systems

  • Letter Associations for concise memorization

  • Audio Pronunciations to help you speak rune names accurately

  • Memory Tricks to help you master runes fast

  • Divination Techniques with meanings and spreads

  • Rune Flash Cards

  • Word Recognition sections in test format (timed and untimed)

  • Sentence and Paragraph Recognition (timed and untimed)

  • Printable Practice Sheets for personal use

  • Suggestions for Where and When Elder Futhark is used

  • Six Elder Futhark Fonts to aid with usage

  • Bindrunes: Their Creation and Ritual Significance

  • Structured Curriculum so that you can practice each day

  • And Much More!

Click on each of the Thumbnails below to view just a few screencaptures of the program you will receive when you order.

You can order this powerful program to create a new level of confidence in your life and your ritual work. Unlike a lot of test formats that force you to wait until the end to see how you are doing, most areas of this course tell you if you are correct after each question. With more immediate feedback for your efforts, the learning process becomes that much more powerful. This course utilizes the powerful effects of animation as well as color-learning to help crystalize each section in your memory.

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