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Learn the Truth About Black Magick...


Secrets of the Craft that few dark practitioners want you to know are found within this rare book written by a 20+ year veteran witch.

Learn how evil are spells cast and how good people--even other witches and magicians--get caught up them. See how you can protect yourself and your family. And best of all...learn how some people--maybe even you--can make themselves immune to black magick.

These and other topics are described here as well as many others that you never thought to consider. How do ethics figure into ritual self-defense, and just how far should you go to justifiably protect yourself and your loved ones from the black magick of another witch?

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Written with practical concerns of the ethical witch, this reference is a must read for all who seek to interact and participate in pagan culture today. Below is a screen capture of the ebook you will receive.

You'll discover amazing techniques of protective witchcraft that you never thought you'd have access to when you purchase this book for yourself. Instantly you'll see the world of dark witchcraft and black magick in a totally new light...A world YOU can control.

Forget everything you thought you knew about your abilities to create change and guard your environment against outside influence. The knowledge imparted by this unique book can help you to achieve what even most people skilled in witchcraft and magick never thought possible: immunity from black magick.

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This Amazing Book Illustrates the Ancient
Techniques You've Been Waiting For...

Written entirely in standard HTML format so that literally anyone with a computer can use it.

This simple format will allow you to quickly absorb the ten information-packed chapters including:

  • Introduction

  • Chapter 1—Removing Overt Hexes: When Casters Publicly Hex Their Prey

  • Chapter 2—Removing Covert Hexes: When Casters Quietly Hex Their Prey

  • Chapter 3—The Hidden Caster: Knowing the Signs of Hexcraft

  • Chapter 4—Averting The Evil Eye: Avoiding Harmful Non-Ritual Enchantments

  • Chapter 5—Steps to Effective Shielding: The Best Defense is a Good...Shield.

  • Chapter 6—Combating Spiritual Attacks: When Enemies Use Spirits to Cause Harm

  • Chapter 7—A Word on Ethics: The Ethics of Warfare

  • Chapter 8—The Three Types of Magick

  • Chapter 9—General Spells for Countering Hexcraft

You can order the powerful spells and incantations from this book to create a new level of confidence in your life. However...

Be Warned: This Book is Not Meant
to be Used to Cause Harm...

There are forces in place in Nature to prevent the misuse of this book...

This was written to teach you to prevent black magick...

Any use outside this goal is strongly discouraged...

If all you want is to cause harm, then this book is not for you...

The information contained within this book can and will result in serious negative consequences if it is misused.

For years this book lay unsubmitted to any publisher out of fear of what could be done with that information. However, with all the harmful, irresponsible information available today, the author has finally decided to make A WITCH'S GUIDE TO THE SECRETS OF HEXCRAFT available to anyone interested in countering negative magick.

If you are tired of the same old sloppy spells and rituals blasted all over the Internet and in bookstores then this is the book for you!

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truth about Black Magick.

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And Fortify Yourself Against the Evil Eye...

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