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How Did the Ancient Witches Learn the Future?

Peer into the Minds of the Ancient Witches...

And see for yourself the fantastically simple methods that have made witches famous in their tiny villages throughout the world for centuries...

For the better part of a thousand years, those renowned for their talents with divination were generally people of limited means living on the outskirts of society. Subsequently, the tools we are most familiar with today were not as likely to be found in the possession of your average village psychic. Tarot cards, while beautiful and highly useful in the world of fortune-telling, may not have been available to everyone skilled in the divinatory arts hundreds of years ago. Far more likely were everyday items from the seer's home and items from nature. The following book will help to eliminate much of the mystery surrounding these amazing techniques used by our ancestors hundreds of years ago. Click here to order now!

With this information packed book, you will learn to divine the future like the witches of old. Take advantage of this special offer and advance beyond the limits of the modern day witch.

With over fifty chapters on the rarely understood skills of Old World Divination this book illustrates variations on many methods to help you find the best divination techniques for your personal style. Techniques from needle scrying to divination of candle flames, cloud shapes, birds in flight, howling dogs, the mysterious movement of cats and much more. We have also included the ancient divination technique practiced by Tituba, the slave, in Salem over five centuries ago that led to the firestorm of the Salem Witch Trials. This illustrated, full-color course can help you to master these techniques at your own pace. Click here to order now!


You'll use this powerful book to learn how tarot cards while costly and inaccessible to most of our ancestors, other common divination tools that we see today such as runes and spirit boards were often a liability in that they could have been seen as evidence in court of witchcraft. In a time when divination was a capital crime and the vile practice of persecuting witches and prophets grew throughout the world, the tools that once had been commonplace to everyday pagans and seers became proof of heresy against the popular churches. The techniques in this amazing book will teach you how witches and psychics from centuries past adapted to this growing threat.

Written with the practical concerns of the everyday psychic and/or witch, this reference makes it possible for anyone to learn to evaluate coming events with maximum accuracy and clarity possible.

Learn to Divine Your Future
Like the Witches of Old!

YOU are the boss of your divination readings when you order this book. Don't limit yourself to tarot cards or spirit boards. While bother are effective and entertaining, they don't work well on the subway, or at the gym. With Old World Divination, you will come to see how successful psychics see the world with ordinary, mundane items providing the keys to the Universe!Order your copy, now!

This course contains sections to educate you on each of the following areas:

  • Over 50 Chapters on the various types of divination

  • Symbols Glossary to help you learn to interpret your readings

  • Color Photo Examples of real readings

  • Numerology Glossary to help you interpret numerical factors

  • Suggestions for where and when certain methods are best used

  • And Much More!

Click on each of the Thumbnails below to view just a few screencaptures of the program you will receive when you order.

Propless divination methods like palmistry and phrenology are widely recognized today, but they were merely the tip of the iceberg to readers living hundreds of years ago. Indeed there were scores of powerful divination methods with no tools or tools that were so commonplace, no one could guess what they were used for. Items from nature and the seer's household could be used to help focus attention and provide much needed answers in a terrifying and unstable world. You can use the same techniques to learn what the future holds in store for you.

You can order the powerful techniques this rare new book to improve your psychic abilities and even create a new level of confidence in your life. However...

Old World Divination is Not Another
Tired List of Omens or Meanings...

Bare in mind, Old World Divination is not a book on omens or random foretellings such as "broom fell; company's coming". Instead the following passages should help you to learn to divine the future when you choose to based on questions you ask or desires for general information about your future.

  • No costly tools are required...

  • This book works well for most kitchen witches...

  • If you want to improve your inner abilities with the "insider secrets" to successful psychic readings...

Then order now! This book can help you to achieve all your goals if you are dedicated and possess even the slightest inclination towards psychic ability.

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