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And enjoy delicious recipes that are easy and fun to make at the same time! This amazing book will help you and your family to create traditions that will last a lifetime!

All the recipes you will ever need to prepare your own personal Sabbat Celebrations according to the Old Ways. Each of the eight Sabbats on the Wheel of the Year correspond to different foods as Harvest, Winter and the Growing Seasons pass from one life stage to another. You'll find well over 300 traditional recipes catalogued according to the eight Sabbats with Vegetarian, Vegan and Meat-eating tastes accounted for. This unique compilation truly has something for everyone!

Each page is meticulously hand-coded with no complicated JAVA or CGI for resistant browsers. This excellent source is designed and licensed so that you can print out one hard copy for the creation of or addition to your own personal Book of Shadows or Grimoire. As you can see in the following screen captures, the information has been coded with the beauty and elegance of your Book of Shadows in mind.

Order Now to begin making Rosemary Sourdough Bread, Peach Cobbler, various wines and hundreds of other mouthwatering dishes! Meat and dairy lovers as well as strict Vegans will not be disappointed by this wide array of choices!

Cooking according to the Old Ways is a fun and fulfilling way to recognize the changing seasons and to honor the Goddess and the God with the fruits of Their labors. You won't find this many Pagan Sabbat Recipes anywhere else. Well over 300 traditional recipes for you to choose from to create your family's own Pagan Traditions to pass down to your descendants.

You'll discover amazing ideas of witchy cooking that you never thought of when you purchase this book for yourself. Instantly you'll see how easy it is to incorporate the old traditions of Pagan cooking into your everyday life. Order this item today!

This Amazing Book Illustrates the Cooking
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Written entirely in standard HTML format so that literally anyone with a computer can use it.

Recipes for each of the Following Sabbats Celebrations:

  • Samhain October 31st

  • Yule December 21st

  • Imbolc February 2nd

  • Ostara March 21nd

  • Beltane May 1st

  • Litha June 21st

  • Lughnassadh August 2nd

  • Mabon September 21st

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