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Spells and Rituals from across the world! With historic and mystical images and accurate natural correspondences, you can customize these spells for all your needs. For all those witches who prefer to have a certain measure of individuality in their spells and rituals, Spellcaster's Helper is the ideal tool.

When you use this software to enhance the beauty and personalization of your own Book of Shadows, you are creating an historic record for you and your family or coven. Whether you are an hereditary witch or just starting out, this program will help you tailor each and every spell to YOUR needs. Click here to order now!

With historic and mystical images and accurate natural correspondences, you can customize for all your needs from budget to the availability of herbs, oils, incense, etc. 'Cause, let's face it: Sometimes you just can't FIND all the things your required to use for a certain spell! However, with this amazing new software, you can pick and choose all the appropriate supplies from a list of supplies that WORK for your spell purpose! Once you've made your choices, you can print out the result. THIS PROGRAM COULD NOT BE EASIER TO USE!

For all those of you who prefer to have a certain measure of individuality in your spells and rituals, Spellcaster's Helper is the ideal tool. If you already feel the power of this new program, you can click here to Order this item today!

If you're still not quite sure, then read on to learn all the amazing qualities this title has to offer.

As many of you more experienced witches know, spells created by others can often have ingredients you cannot find, chants you do not understand and requirements that do not fulfill your specific goals. When you order this software, you can identify your specific needs and tailor your spells to your own personal style.

Create Your Own Watermarked Grimoire Pages
With Ancient Information YOU Trust...

YOU are the boss of your own records when you order this new software! You get to pick and choose what spells, what spell supplies and what mystical backgrounds define your Craft.

The following features of this new software can help you to:

  • Choose your supplies.

  • Create Personalized Spell / Ritual Parchments.

  • Adjust herbs to those you can afford, find or simply prefer.

  • Print or simply work from your PC.

  • Maintain the freedom to use any type of parchment you choose.

  • Enjoy Watermarked Images that add inspiration and beauty to your parchments' ritual directions.

  • Observe Time Indications like Moon Phases for Spellworkings.

  • Learn which Pre-Ritual Divination methods are most likely to provide insight into your present need.

  • Learn which meditative symbols are most effective in achieving your present ritual goal.

  • And Much More!

Click on each of the Thumbnails below to view screen captures of the program you will receive when you order.

You can order this powerful program to create a new level of confidence in your life and your ritual work. However...

This tool does NOT perform spells for you.
It is not a game or a parlor trick.

This software is a serious tool...

With it you will create inspirational spells for all your needs...

You will also create tangible print-outs of your spells...

The spell / ritual parchments you will create with this magnificent tool can last a lifetime and aid those who come after you to better understand how their ancestor uniquely practiced the Craft.

Please also note that this software can and will result in serious negative consequences if it is misused.

However, if you are tired of the same old unusable spells and rituals you find all over the Internet and in bookstores then this is the perfect product for you!

Click Here to proceed with the ordering process and start learning authoring your own Book of Shadows today.

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That's right, you will begin creating your own unique spells for your very own personalized Book of Shadows without waiting a single minute for postal mail to deliver your order.

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