Are You a Good Witch or a Bad Witch...

No, we're not talking about ethics yet...

We're talking about skill. Pure and simple. Ask yourself: How well trained as a witch are you? Can you remember critical ritual elements from memory? Or do you, like so many of us, need a library of books around you just to get simple spellwork done? Do you consider yourself a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Witch? The best way to know is to take the test. The following course was developed specifically for the beginning student of pagan & witchcraft customs and culture. However, even advanced witches interested in becoming fluent in historic ritual customs and pagan culture can benefit from this instructional tool. Don't wait! Begin honing your craft now! Order today!

For all those who do not have access to a competent teacher, or even those with a teacher who want to challenge themselves to advance as far as possible within the realm of the mystical arts, this illustrated, full-color 500 question course can help you to master many of the most essential elements of witchcraft.

This powerful course is set up in test format entirely for use on your computer. There are over 20 sections with matching, multiple choice and true/false questions to challenge inquisitive students and improve memory recall for practical applications. Sections build so that information you master in one lesson can help you advance in another.

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Written with practical concerns of the everyday witch, this reference makes it possible for anyone to commit to memory things that witches for centuries have had to look up in a book before casting their spells. With tips for memorization and two levels of difficulty: basic (not-timed) and advanced (timed), the age of the learned witch has come again. Arm yourself with the knowledge to be your own walking Book of Shadows!

Be Your Own Walking Book of Shadows!
Leave the Reference Books to the Amateurs!

This course contains sections to educate you on each of the following areas:

  • Altar & Spellcasting Tools

  • Ritual Timing

  • Elemental Influences

  • Terminology

  • Identifying Herbs

  • Plants & Resins

  • Recognizing Symbols

  • Healing Techniques

  • Divination

  • And Much More!

Click on each of the Thumbnails below to view just a few screen captures of the program you will receive when you order.

You can order this powerful program to create a new level of confidence in your life and your ritual work. Unlike a lot of test formats that force you to wait until the end to see how you are doing, most areas of this course tell you if you are correct after each question. With more immediate feedback for your efforts, the learning process becomes that much more powerful. This course utilizes the powerful effects of animation as well as color-learning to help crystallize each section in your memory.

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Most Important Records of Your Life...

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