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Tantra is a diverse spiritual tradition of the Indian sub-continent. In recent years in the Western world it has become almost exclusively associated with sex, in reality this is one aspect of what is a way of life.

Tantra * Kama Sutra * Tantric Sex
Kama sutra positions, tantra articles, tantric sex secrets, workshops and teachers directories, advice, discussion groups, free personals, catalog and much ...

The Kama Sutra Temple - Tantra - Tantric - Sacred Sexuality
An organization which has collected a variety of Tantra-related resources in one place. Includes: giftshop, articles on a variety of subjects, ...

Neo Tantra and Tantric Sex from 4 Freedoms
4 Freedoms presents sacred sex seminars and relationship retreats as well as tantra articles, plus spiritual tantric and kama sutra books, videos, ...

A new blog about Chakras > http://the-chakras-system.blogspot.com/

Articles about Tantra and tantrism
Index with articles hosted in this site. Come back for new articles

Tantra on Encyclopedia.com
Tantratun“tre, in both Hinduism and Buddhism, esoteric tradition of ritual and yoga known for elaborate use of mantra, or symbolic speech, and mandala, ...

Tantra:The Magazine Online
Tantra Online Magazine was conceived to help promote the discussion of Tantra and its relevancy in contemporary society.

Oceanic Tantra: A Heartfelt Path to Profound Pleasure
Tantra is a path of the heart, longevity, and enlightenment. Tantra is about developing a fullness of being. Merging sex with spirit through tantra.

Tantra - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The history, practice, identification with Deities, and the Hindu tradition.

Tantra Archive
The term "Tantra," though still having a specific meaning in terms of a ... As such, some people choose to study things like Tantra as part of their ...

These texts describe the esoteric teachings of Tantra, a belief system which ... The Tantra of the Great Liberation: Translated by Arthur Avalon (Sir John ...

A Point of View About Tantra
Interview with a tantric advocate Prem Pranama.

Tantra with Robert Frey
Facilitator Robert Frey will assist you in achieving lasting personal growth and transformation, magnetize more love, higher quality love, increase intimacy ...

Tantra at Tahoe
Sexual Secrets newsletter about Kama Sutra, Tantra, ebooks, courses, and hands-on training for premature ejaculation, and relationship intimacy.

Tantra Massage Los Angeles
Is designed to help men, woman and couples seeking higher knowledge of energy transmutation for the purpose of spiritual and emotional advancement.

Kundalini Tantra
One of the aspects of teaching Tantra is to develop the ability to recreate language at a new level, on a different plane of consciousness so as to be able to impart deep knowledge that has no words in todays languages.

Tantric Goddess Network
Discover the Network that supports your Spiritual Journey. Click here to see how our Tantra Teacher Training college is progressing.

Tantra - Tantra Portal - Your resource for Tantra.


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The term "Tantra" in the West is commonly used to refer to a variety of different approaches to sexuality which also incorporate some form of spirituality.
Some people choose to study things like Tantra as part of their spiritual path, while others choose to study it solely to enhance their understanding and appreciation of sexuality.

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